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Camp Waterford International

We have been running Camp Waterford for 16 years and over this time we have entertained many overseas students from countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia. All have enjoyed the Camp Waterford experience whilst also developing their cultural understanding of Ireland, along with making many friends. Students to which English is a foreign language have developed their English speaking skills and also gained confidence within Camp Waterford’s positive and encouraging environment.

Because of the friends they have made and the unique nature of the camp many overseas students have returned to the camp year after year.  

Here is a flavour of what our customers think….

Nos ha encantado los dos campamentos,tanto el de niños pequeños como el de 6 a 12 años porque realmnte nos hemos sentido acogidos tanto los padres como los niños. La organizacion y la competencia de los monitores han sido muy buenas;con lo que dejabamos a los niños con toda la tranquilidad del mundo.Muchas gracias a todo el Equipo.Nos vemos el proximo año! Isabel Jimenez Gil.

Sono una ex studentessa di Newtown che oggi lavora in Italia. La mia famiglia vive ancora in Waterford ed io ho portato dei ragazzi italiani presso il Camp Waterford per molti anni. I ragazzi apprezzano molto le attività all’aria aperta e l’atmosfera amichevole. Raccomando Camp Waterford ai genitori perché sicuro e con una vasta gamma di attività nonche gestito da giovani e motivati trainer. E un ottimo modo per i miei studenti di imparare l’inglese perché possono socializzare e fare nuove amicizie con ragazzi Irlandesi. Dopo l’esperienza del camp i miei ragazzi hanno avuto piu confidenza con l’inglese e fatto nuove amicizie. Sarah Quinn – Agente 




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Terms & Conditions

  • Payment is regarded as acceptance of the terms and conditions for enrolment in Camp Waterford.
  • Cancellation 2 weeks prior to the start of the course will redeem ¾ of the total cost.
  • No refunds are available for cancellation within 2 weeks of the start of the course.
  • This organisation reserves the right to refuse admission on the course/or remove children if their behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory.
  • Camp Waterford will not be liable for any illness, disease, accident, medical expenses or loss/damage to personal property.
  • Parents/Guardians will be held liable for wilful damage to Camp Waterford, or Newtown School property by any child they are legally responsible for.
  • Parents of children with special medical requirements must notify Camp Waterford in writing when booking.
  • Camp Waterford reserve the right to refuse an application, or change the activity program due to unforeseen circumstances or if sufficient suitably qualified staff are unavailable. For any further information – keep this no. Tel: 051-873752

Camp Waterford is located at Newtown School Waterford Ireland & Operated by PE Teachers Chris and Rachel Guest. Copyright 2019, all rights reserved.