Reviews & Testimonials

I would like to thank Rachel, Chris and their enthusiastic, fun loving team for another fantastic week at Camp Waterford. My three kids aged 5, 9 and 11 had an action packed week and activities were perfect for their respective age groups. Their cousins come from abroad each year and they go to camp too which is the highlight of everyone’s summer. It is great to have a camp that caters for all age groups the same week, making it easier for a working mum! Camp Waterford differs itself from other camps as the staff take a real interest in each child and let their individual talents shine whether it be in the pool, on the sports field or singing and dancing at the talent show. Thanks again and see you next year.

Georgie - Summer 2019

Cub camp was the perfect opportunity to introduce Conor to the world of summer camps! It was evident from the very beginning of the week that the emphasis of this camp was fun, safety and enjoyment. All the coaches greeted the children with a warm, welcoming smile, and it was clear by the happy face at the end of the day that Conor had an absolute fantastic time. There was a great mix of sport, art & craft and down time throughout the day. Conor is already looking forward to returning next summer.

Laura - Summer 2019

Our kids have attended Camp Waterford for the past six or seven years in a row. It’s the one camp that has always been top of their list each summer and they look forward to it with glee each year! Camp Waterford always manages to switch on its magic ensuring varied sporting activities in a fun filled environment. The result is very tired but extremely happy children at the end of each day!

Jane - Summer 2019

Congratulations on 20 years of the best camp ever. Thanks for looking after the kids so well and for all the fun memories.

Laoise - August 2019

I love swimming because you get to jump off the diving boards and Lauren and I would never dreamed of diving off the top board (3 metre) but we did in week 2. Also the coaches are the really nice and encouraging and they make this camp the best one ever!

Anna Lafford 12yrs - Summer 2015

They have had a fabulous time and I am, as always, really pleased with the way the camp is run, with the activities and with the wonderful staff you gather together year after year. We will look forward to booking next year and to seeing you all again.

Deirdre Spillane - Summer 2015

Hi everyone – we are here to tell you about another great year we have had at Camp Waterford. We had lots of fun – between launching rockets, learning lots of cool facts and having a ‘Camp Waterford’s Got Talent’ competition. We also had a visit from Juicemaster and we got to try lots of lovely juices.

Everyone made lots of new friends and met new coaches. Camp Waterford is * fun * happy and * healthy.

The only thing we hate is it coming to an end – but we’ll be back next year!

This camp has been the highlight of our year from as far back as we can remember.

Rachel English and Jennifer Cooke - 6 August 2009